Antoaneta Bares gave a public lecture at UNWE

The Executive Director of the National Company Industrial Zones (NCIZ), Antoaneta Bares, received a Certificate of Gratitude from the Rector of UNWE Prof. D. Sc. (Econ.) Stati Statev for her public lecture on “Development of Industrial Zones in Bulgaria. Perspectives and challenges“.
Mrs. Bares told the students from the “Industrial Business” Department about the state-owned company, in the UNWE “Solemn Hall”. Many lectures were present at the event, as well as Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Stoychev, Director of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies to the UNWE.
“The National Company Industrial Zones is a fully state-owned and is managed by the Ministry of Economy. The company designs, develops and operates industrial, economic and free zones,” said Mrs. Bares. And, added that NCIZ supports establishment of favorable conditions for investors and assists businesses in realization of projects in industrial zones with a ready-to-use infrastructure.
“When an investor comes to us, he seeks a quick implementation of his ideas. Thus, we offer a ready-to-use infrastructure – electricity, water, gas and communications. All this is being done, so the investing company is able to start working on its project immediately and start its business faster,” explained the Executive Director of the NCIZ.
Antoaneta Bares also told the students from the “Industrial Business” Department about her work on the new law on industrial zones. “I participate in a working group led by the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov and Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev that is preparing the new law. The law is almost prepared, recent comments are being made and then it will be uploaded for public discussion,” she said. According to her, the purpose of the law is to relief, and not to aggravate the work of companies operating in industrial areas.
Mrs. Bares also spoke about the NCIZ’s Fast-tracking Success project, which aims to provide favorable conditions for accelerated professional development of recently graduated young professionals. "You are the necessary bond between business and universities. You are the ones who can force and drive innovation. If you are interested in companies operating in our areas, we are open to liaise with them," said Mrs. Bares to the students and lectures. She called on young people to stay in Bulgaria, because there are opportunities for realization here as well. She also noted, that investors in the zones are already interested not only in the location advantages of the NCIZ’ zones. "They are already asking what universities and high schools are around the chosen area. They are interested in what kind of professionals those units provide. They also ask about supporting businesses located in the region. For example, an electronics manufacturing company had an interest in our zone in Vidin. So, they wondered if there was a galvanizing workshop nearby. They said that they did not want to make their own unit, but to use one of another company and thus optimize their costs," said Mrs. Bares.