Zagore Industrial Zone

Total area: 115 000 m²

Zagore Industrial Zone offers premium properties for development in one of the most dynamic cities in Bulgaria.

Since January 2019, NCIZ has been a shareholder in the Zagore Industrial Zone whose scope of business includes construction, management and development of industrial zones, as well as rental and sale of fixed assets.

In its first stage, the Zone has a total area of 115,454 sq.m., located in the town of. Stara Zagora, only 6 km. from its centre. The land is situated on the Stara Zagora - Burgas road, 10 km. away from the Trakia highway, and has excellent transport connections, electricity, gas supply, water supply and sewerage.

By the end of 2022, eight final contracts for the sale of terrains have been signed with companies in the logistics, manufacturing, biotechnology, research and development, healthcare, food industry. The total amount of investments is more than BGN 140 000 000 and as a result 1 300 workplaces are about to be created.

The vacant areas in Zagore Industrial Zone by December 2022 are 38 448 sq.m.

In 2022, Zagore Industrial Zone successfully completed procedures for incorporation of new land plots to build appropriate infrastructure and meet the needs and interests of potential investors. A SECOND STAGE has also been launched, namely Industrial Zone ''Elenino".

The area of the second stage, near the village of Elenino, amounts to 642 000 sq.m., of which 217 710 sq.m. are already part of the company's assets. As of the beginning of August 2021, they have an enacted Detailed Site Development Plan and are about to be rezoned.

The land is located 6 km. from the current city limits, 9 km. from its administrative centre and 3 km. from the Southern Industrial Zone. Zagore Industrial Zone is connected through the plot to the freight terminal of Stara Zagora railway station, one of the largest in the country.

Located on the railway line, directly connecting Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Duisburg (Germany) with Istanbul (Halqali terminal), the terminal is the main rail route from the Middle East to Europe and back. The same is in close proximity (10 km) to the connection Zagore - Elenino Industrial Zone and has direct access to the ring road of Stara Zagora, which, after 9 km., joins the Trakia highway 

More information about the zone can be found here