The state-owned industrial zones were presented at the ‘’16+1” business forum

The Bulgarian state-owned industrial zones were presented at the business forum, part of the Seventh meeting of the leaders of the Governments of Central and Eastern Europe and China. The executive director of National Company Industrial Zones PLC took part in a panel discussion that took place in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The topics of the discussion were the high technology, investments, the industrial partnership and the mixed mode manufacturing facilities.

Bares explained that for its nine-year-long existence the company has the aim to expand the scope of its work activities even further and now it is managing already ten projects in the whole country, as the investments that have been made exceeds over 400 million leva.

‘’For us it is extremely important not only to attract an investment, but to keep it and expand

it ’’, pointed out the executive director of NCIZ.

She claimed that since the beginning of the year the company has launched a new project, Industrial Zone – Kardzhali. It has a surface covering around 95 decares of land and it has access to the nearest railway network and it is also close to the Republican road Ruse – Makaza.

Antoaneta Bares reminded of the signed memorandum for cooperation in February between NCIZ and Municipality of Stara Zagora. The local authority there offers a terrain with 115 decares of land which will be used for industrial purposes. There is also a connection to electricity, water, gas and drainage which reach the boundaries of the estate.

In the panel discussion took part also Iliya Lingorski (Head economist in Bulgarian Development Bank), Stamen Yanev (Executive director of Invest Bulgaria Agency), Gan Zenchian (President of Thunder Software Technology Co., LTD), Vasil Karaivanov (Chairman of the Management Board of Sofia Tech Park) , Ivan Covacic (Head strategist of CECZ Kozep Europai Kft), Natanail Stefanov (Chairman of Management Board of the Bulgarian Startup Association), Daina Klepone (General Manager of Enterprise Lithuania), Tihomir Kamenov (Executive Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Commercial League Healthcare Group Inc.) and Nedelcho Nedelchev (Chief Executive Officer of First Investment Bank).

During the meeting, dedicated to the initiative ‘’16+1’’ which was a day before the business forum, the National Company Industrial Zones PLC signed a memorandum for cooperation with China Center for Information Industry Development – a public- owed institution under the control of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China.

 NCIZ and the China Centre will jointly encourage the building of a joint International Alliance for industrial cooperation, of public services platform ’’Digital road of the silk’’, they will work together for the investment of modern industrial and IT companies in the Bulgarian and Chinese parks, as well as they will promote and identify the developed industrial parks and factories in the relevant country, so that they will construct pilot parks and pilot projects for the high-tech industry.