The executive director of NCIZ confirmed that it is not only crucial to attract more investors, but also to convince them to make long- lasting future investments

It is as important to attract new investors as to make them continue with their investments. This is a sign that the investing company has found good work conditions and further investors will follow them if they see that we offer the necessary conditions for making business here. That were some of the comments regarding the future development of the industrial parks according to Mrs Antoaneta Bares – executive director of NCIZ in her interview on one of the local TV programs.

She gave an example that was about the first company which launched an investment project on the territory of the Economic zone Sofia- Bozhurishte. It was a German company that was a manufacturer of air conditioners, produced for the car industry. At this moment the firm plans to expand their manufacturing place. The project with its monetary value for over 50 million euro will be put into practice on one of the terrains placed in the industrial zone in Bozhurishte.

‘’The interest towards the investments in Bozhurishte is not only shown by foreign companies, but also from small and medium-sized Bulgarian firms. There are a lot of good innovative factories. Besides, the business in the industrial zones is growing even more - first comes one company, then follows another one afterwards comes a third one until that moment when the business gets concentrated in one place’’, that was the statement made by the director of NCIZ.

Mrs Bares gave some clarification about the Economic zone of Bozhurishte, which up to now is the zone with the fastest rate of development from all of the industrial parks. What emphasized the executive director of NCIZ was that the good infrastructure is what really matters”.

‘’There are several important steps that should be made in order for the industrial zone to work better- supplementary entrances and ways out should be provided that means better transport connection, why not even a subway connection that will lead directly to the area, as well as the construction of a transportation network that will allows the use of diverse transport means. This could be explained with the fact that the European policy in field of the railway transport requires that this way of transport to be the cheapest one for long distances’’, shared her point of view Mrs Bares.

She did not forget to mention that the most successful project in the industrial park in Bozhurishte is the Danish company Jusk. Only at the first stage of the investment plan, the Danish company took the responsibility to invest 100 million euro, that was promised to the Bulgarian government. ‘’The logistics base of Jusk will be ready until the end of the year. Besides this fact, a new factory owned by the German company named Multivak, placed in the zone near Sofia, will be launched in June’’, clarified Bares.

The answer provided by the executive director of NCIZ to the question what are the advantages of the public industrial terrains was that the most remarkable benefit of the industrial zones of NCIZ is the fact that the investor has a particular plan in mind for building infrastructure – that includes the route, electricity, water, gas, transport connection and good location.