China International Development Cooperation Agency, together with the Bulgarian National Company Industrial Zones, held a fourteen-day online seminar on "Cooperation and Development of Bulgaria - China Industrial and Economic Parks."

The initiative was funded by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R. of China and organized by Tianjin TEDA Group. Lecturers were from the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, the Ministry of Commerce of P.R. of China and Tianjin TEDA Group.

The seminar was opened by the General Manager of Overseas Department of Tianjin TEDA Group Mr. Su Yunsheng and the Executive Director of the National Company Industrial Zones Dr. Petko Nikolov. They pointed out the existing good cooperation between the two countries and the opportunity for the participants to learn from China's rich experience in creating and developing well-functioning industrial parks. Readiness was demonstrated to support the NCIZ to attract Chinese investors in order to develop high value-added projects in the Bulgarian industrial parks.

The following topics were presented and discussed during the seminar:

  • The Chinese practice of "Reforms and opening up to the world";
  • Theory and practice of the World Special Economic Zones;
  • Foreign direct investment in China;
  • International Investment Enterprises;
  • The fiscal and tax system and policies of the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA),;
  • Environmental protection and green development of the industrial park;
  • Improve the business environment to promote investment.

The participants virtually visited the TEDA headquarters, the China-Singapore Eco City in Tianjin, the Economic Zone of Tianjin Airport, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and a number of cultural attractions.

Further initiatives in the framework of the cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the People's Republic of China were discussed in the final part of the seminar, as well as the opportunities in front of the industrial economic parks at world level.