Prof. Miglena Temelkova and Dr. Antoaneta Bares open a door for students to the industry

“From the training laboratory to the production” is the message of the new agreement between the Higher College of Telecommunications and Posts and the “National Company of Industrial Zones” EAD.

The Rector of the High College of Telecommunications and Posts, Prof. Dr. Miglena Temelkova and the Executive Director of the National Company of Industrial Zones, Antoaneta Bares, held a joint meeting to negotiate a joint partnership. The project memorandum is already a fact, and its purpose is to establish a link between education and industry.

"Every investment requires qualified staff. The human factor is fundamental in the industry. The lack of people in the small villages and towns makes the process of building an investment plan very complicated. We strive to provide investors with suitable staff, and this staff is selected directly from the universities. This is the purpose of our agreement - to make contact with students, to offer them opportunities for development, whilst, they are still in education. This will secure their future and the future of industry in Bulgaria, "said Antoinette Bares.

"We purposefully work in this field and we are one of the few higher education institutions in Bulgaria to offer such large-scale and flexible development to its students, in some of the leading companies within the sector. There are many successful examples so far where we have discovered and nurtured the IT and telecommunications services sector. It will be a challenge for us to work directly with the companies from the industry, but our experience and qualifications will help us to open this door towards the field of industry. I believe that this memorandum will find the way to new generation of specialists and will elevate the Bulgarian industrial tradition to a higher level, "said Prof. Temelkova.

The rector of HCTP also revealed ideas for special scholarships to be granted to students by companies within the industry, in order to stimulate and facilitate their education, guaranteeing them secure jobs.

The meeting between representatives of HCTP and NCIZ was initiated by the Minister of the Economy, Lachezar Borisov, who a few weeks ago visited the building of the Higher School of Telecommunications and Posts and expressed his admiration for the modern facilities and readiness for close cooperation between education and business under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy.