NCIZ signed a memorandum with the Supreme Council for free trade, industrial and special economic zones

In its desire to maintain the cooperation between Iran and Bulgaria regarding the investment process, NCIZ signed a memorandum for agreement with the Supreme Council for free trade, industrial and special economic zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The ceremony on Sunday was part of the visit of special delegation in Teheran, which was under the command of the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov.

The memorandum was signed by the executive director of NCIZ Antoaneta Bares and Mohamed Reza Abdul Rahimi, director of the department for planning, budget and investments in the Supreme Council. The two Ministers of Economy of Bulgaria and Iran - Emil Karanikolov and Masud Karbasian subsequently were invited at an official ceremony.

The memorandum aims to strengthen the economic and business relations between the two countries and to increase the amount of investments in the free trade, industrial and special economic zones. The Islamic Republic of Iran exercises its control over seven likewise projects whereas the Bulgarian public industrial and free zones even though at a different stage of their development are ten in total.

The recently signed memorandum embodies the partnership between the countries that aim to maintain and to stimulate the cooperation in various sectors such as high-tech, biomedicine, electronics and electrotechnics and machinery construction.

A couple of meetings with different representatives in the field of politics and business including the Iran-Bulgarian business forum were part of the visit of the Bulgarian delegation.