NCIZ EAD will participate in a project for a new industrial zone near Varna

„National Company Industrial Zones“ EAD starts work on a project for the construction of a new industrial zone on a terrain of 4500 decares, which will be located on the territory of the Municipality of Aksakovo.

The project will be implemented with the joint efforts of the company and the municipal authorities of Varna and Aksakovo, and its ultimate goal is the creation of a new and modern industrial zone that will completely change the economic appearance of the region.

This year it is planned to start the process of preparing the terrains for the establishment of the industrial zone, and in the next year - the actual implementation of the project, the expectations are that the joint work between the state and the local authorities will lead to more effective and quick results.

The idea for the new industrial zone is to develop industries in the food industry, as well as industries with high added value, which will create an effective economic environment in the Varna region, with even better opportunities for business and investment.