Annual Meeting of the World Free Zones Organization

National Industrial Zones Company Ltd presents to all interested parties the opportunity to participate in the Annual Meeting of the World Free Zones Organization (June 13-17, 2022).

The forum will be held in Jamaica and is entitled: "Zones, your partner for Resilience, Sustainability, and Prosperity, aims to facilitate and deepen the conversation about the future of the industry”.

The World Free Zone Organization is a global non-profit organization that brings together free zones around the world to enable them to achieve common goals and solve common problems. One of their main objectives is to raise awareness of the benefits that free zones can bring in terms of boosting foreign direct investment and trade; promoting cultural diversity; stimulating innovation and skills development; job creation.

The 2022 edition covers topics related to the "new normal" period resulting from the pandemic, the future of supply chains and free zones, the development of world and regional trade, the key role of logistics for industrial zones, the impact on the environment, the digital industry, the future of new technologies, etc.

According to the organizers, the Annual Meeting is expected to include more than 1,000 participants from 80 countries, and panelists on individual days of the conference will be 50 speakers, politicians, academics, representatives of free and special areas around the world and global business leaders.

See all participation details and the whole program of the event here.

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