On 18th May NCIZ received permission from the Ministry of the regional development and infrastructure for building a trace with a surface cover with cables going along  two districts in order to to supply additional energy for investors in the Economic zone Sofia-Bozhurishte. The trace will be built in the next three months so that the investors should not be worried about the supply of the necessary amount of electricity in the zone. That was confirmed by the executive director of NCIZ Antoaneta Bares in an interview for the Darik radio show "The Week”.

NCIZ negotiates with the supplier for expanding the capacity of the electricity, that will be required by the investors for their work in zone of Bozhurishte, from the middle of November 2017.

The negotiated agreement is 30 MW, as 13 MW will cover the needs of the zone on Step 1. On step two 7 MW will be joined through the building of a station that will be used as a binding connection, step three- 10MW that will be supplied by substation "Bankia’’.

The reason for the increase of the usage of electricity is the growing interest towards the zone in Bozhurishte, where 22 foreign and Bulgarian companies have chosen to make their investment projects. NCIZ works hard to build infrastructure and two days ago two new streets have been made available for use.

The executive director of NCIZ claimed that in that moment the company intends to cooperate with the Municipality of Stara Zagora for development of new industrial zone in the city. The process will follow the same method of building that was used by the Industrial and logistic park Burgas. "Up to this moment we have over 45 applications from companies that have expressed their intentions for investments and which are looking for areas in our zones. That has never happened before", added Antoaneta Bares.

The executive director of NCIZ said that it is time to go back in time and think what we managed to achieve - pointing out the government, the public companies including NCIZ. "Today is that time, because it is almost a year since the new government is in charge and one year, which was marked by the numerous achievement by NCIZ’’, said Mrs Bares and she did not forget to say that since the foundation of the company the projects that have been contracted for have been priced for over 410 million leva.