The executive director of National Company Industrial Zones Antoaneta Bares has been awarded a prize on the seventh annual awards by the Business lady Magazine for her contribution for an Effective management, Attracting international investors and for a Successful management of different industrial projects in the category ‘’Economics and management’’. All of the prestigious awards have been provided at an official ceremony in “Balkan’’ Hotel on Tuesday evening.

Mrs Bares did not forget to express her gratitude to her team and emphasized that it consists mainly of women. "One great female team can transform the world, if it decides so", she said.

"An evidence for the efficient work of the National Company Industrial Zones is the fact that the investors accept us as a strategic partner for projects in Bulgaria, continued Bares and added that since the foundation of the company until now, in the sector of public industrial zones have been attracted investment projects for over 400 million leva.

The annual awards Business Lady Magazine and Business Lady Club have been given for seventh time this year. They embody the contribution of the Bulgarian woman in the area of business for her work in diverse categories. The aim is to promote the successful management techniques, the effective business practices and adequate development of the human capital.

Awards in categories such as "Telecommunications", "Health”, "Pharmacy’’, "Human resources’’, "Construction and Architecture" and "Agriculture" etc. have been received by fifteen women, who have demonstrated professionalism and dedication throughout the working process in order to achieve satisfying results in different professional fields; awards that increase the degree of trust of the clients and employees towards  the company which turns it into a preferable partner for making business with.

Antoaneta Bares is part of the team of the National Company Industrial Zones from the moment of the foundation of the company. She became an executive director in March 2017.

The main focus of the company, which until now specializes predominantly in building and managing industrial parks, is to encourage the investing   in Bulgarian economy. The portfolio of the NCIZ consists of economical parks that have been put into practice, free zones and projects that are about to go through further development in the whole country.

As a strategic partner of the investments in Bulgaria, the company offers industrial zones with modern infrastructure and a strategic location as well as the support by every single step of the investment project. As a benefit for all of the investors the NCIZ cooperates with the Ministry of Economics and other public and municipal institutions. The advantages of the provided services that the company provides are pre-condition for turning the company in preferable place for business by Bulgarian and foreign investors.