Карта с концентрични области до ИЗСБTotal Area - 2 550 000 m²

  • Immediate proximity to major international roads and EU transport corridors.
  • Sofia City Center – 15 km
  • Sofia Airport – 23 km
  • Direct connection with the railway network
  • Projection for subway terminal in the near future
  • Next to the international road connecting Europe with Turkey
  • 5 km to a highway bound for Greece
  • 2 km to a highway bound for Serbia
  • 30 km to a highway bound for the Black Sea


A creative “Talent Valley” will be established in Sofia – Bozhuriste Economic Zone for the promotion of new high-end production developments by bringing together the latest technologies and the business.






Модел на кръгово кръстовище в ИЗСБ



  • Prime location
  • Skilled multi-lingual labor force
  • Large universities with technical and economic profiles
  • Elite language and professional schools
  • Well developed infrastructure and logistics
  • Proximity to state institutions and agencies











Stage I – completed

Constructed infrastructure:

  • 2,5 km streets with high truck weight capacity; three roundabouts; road signs and road markings; sidewalks and bicycle lanes;
  • Rainwater reservoir with controlled drainage to prevent floods;
  • Rainwater sewage with polypropylene pipelines;
  • Pressure reservoir for drinking and fire safety purposes;
  • Sewage for household wastewater of polypropylene pipes;
  • Pipeline of high-density polyethylene, with fire-precaution hydrants;
  • Gas pipeline for supply and distribution;
  • Pipe-laying routes with cable shafts for underground 20 kV pipelines;
  • Pipe-laying route for optical lines in protective pipes of high-density polyethylene with cable shafts;
  • Street lighting, landscaping, fencing around the technical facilities;
  • Pressure sewage system with a pumping facility


Stage II – Overhauling of existing buildings, design of external utilities for Site B

– to be completed by the end of 2015


 Stage III

– Last phase of construction of major outside utilities – to be completed by the end of 2016


The Economic zone’s spatial plan includes:

  • Advanced manufacturing facilities
  • High-tech industry base
  • State-of-the-Art Administrative Buildings
  • Comprehensive transport and logistics center