GDP of the North-Western Region (2011)5 057 million BGN


Vidin Area: 63 km²


Population of the city of Vidin:  54 218 inhabitants


Labour Market

  • Employees under labour contract in the city of Vidin as of 2011: 18 322
  • Average annual wages and salaries of the employees under labour contract in the city of Vidin as of 2011: 5 532 BGN
  • Employed population of 15 – 64 years of age in the city of Vidin for the second quarter of 2013: 31 000
  • Employment rates of population of 15 – 64 years of age in the city of Vidin for the second quarter of 2013: 52.2 %
  • Total unemployment in North-Western Region: 44 000
  • Total unemployment rate in the North-Western Region: 13, 9 %


Regional Specialization

  • non-metallic mineral products (23 companies; 318 employees as of 2012)
  • computer, electronic and optical products (6 companies; 86 employees as of 2012)
  • production of vehicles, excl. cars (1 company; 66 employees as of 2012)


Development Potentials

  • The favourable location, the well preserved natural environment and cultural and historical heritage make it possible to develop tourism and increase the potential for the tourist industry.
  • The quality of the environment and clean nature make the city of Vidin more attractive for residential, business or touristic purposes.
  • The transport infrastructure, including Pan-European transport corridors 4 and 7 (the river Danube), the ports and RORO terminals, multimodal transport and the completion of a second bridge over the Danube connecting Vidin and Calafat and a third one connecting Oryahovo and Bechet represent development potentials for businesses and tourism as well as for efficient cross-border cooperation.
  • The region will benefit from the completion of the Hemus motorway as planned and the improvement of meridional connections to the north reaching the river Danube and to the South reaching the Balkan Range.
  • The region has the potential for territorial cohesion in terms of the development of the urban areas of Vidin and Calafat.
  • The river Danube has solid potential for transportation and energy generation and is an important aquatic resource for the economic development of the region.


Transport Corridors

  • Pan-European transport corridor 4 crosses the region
  • Transport corridor 7, the river Danube, runs along the region’s northern border;
  • Danube Bridge 2
  • The port of Vidin operates four terminals, including the RORO vessel connecting the cities of Vidin and Calafat


The Educational System

There is one higher learning school in Pleven. Unlike the situation with higher learning schools, secondary vocational schools have a relatively well developed network:

  • Students graduating secondary education schools in the city of Vidin, as of 2012: 799 students of which 190 graduating professional schools



Cultural Heritage

  • Baba Vida and Belogradchik fortresses
  • Museums: Krastata Kazarma (the Cross-shaped Barracks) museum in Vidin



  • On the bank of the Danube river next to Danube Bridge 2, a freight port, and a ship terminal
  • Located on two borders – land with Serbia and river with Romania
  • Junction of Pan-European Transport Corridors № IV and № VII




Total area: 308 627

  • Built-up area: 7 450 m²
  • Open-air warehouses: 203 000 m²
  • Administrative building – 450 m²
  • Production and logistic premises up to 2600 m²




Видин - пътна инфраструктура



  • Well-developed road network
  • Electricity
  • Water and sewerage
  • Cargo ship, filling station, and fuel storage facilities
  • Automobile scales with axis weighing
  • Cargo port


Логистично хале - Свободна зона Видин




  • Industrial premises and open-air warehousing areas with complete infrastructure and offices for rent
  • Opportunities for Greenfield investment
  • Load-handling operations
  • Representation and intermediation
  • Organizing the manufacture of goods
  • Processing of untaxed goods intended for export (sorting, labeling, packing, etc.)
  • Re-issuing and attestation of Certificates of Origin, need-based representation
  • Charging station for ships and other means of conveyance for international transport





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