GDP of the North Central Region (2011):  5 577 million BGN


Ruse area: 127 km²


Population of Ruse as of 31.12.2012:  165 882


Labour market

  • Employees under labour contract in the city of Ruse as of 2011: 70 693
  • Average annual wages and salaries of the employees under labour contract in the city of Ruse as of 2011: 6 783 BGN
  • Employed population of 15 – 64 years of age in the city of Ruse for the second quarter of 2013: 89 600
  • Employment rates of population of 15 – 64 years of age in the city of Ruse for the second quarter of 2013: 44, 2 %
  • Total unemployed in Ruse as of 2012: 13 500
  • Total unemployment rate in North Central Region: 12, 9 %


Regional Specialization

  • clothing (406 companies; 9272 employees as of 2012)
  • paper, paperboard and articles of paper and paperboard (24 companies; 486 employees as of 2012)
  • coke and refined petroleum products
  • chemicals (33 companies; 1819 employees as of 2012)
  • basic metals (17 companies; 422 employees as of 2012)
  • machinery and equipment (51 companies; 1109 employees as of 2012)
  • motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (7 companies; 358 employees as of 2012)
  • vehicles without cars (18 companies; 756 employees as of 2012)
  • furniture (115 companies; 1884 employees as of 2012)



Development Potential

  • The strategic central location of the region and its good transport accessibility define it as an important transport junction in Bulgaria. Two major Pan-European transport corridors, 7 and 9, intersect in this region, complemented by the TRACECA corridor connecting Europe, the Caucasus, and Asia.
  • It is possible to develop intermodal air, water and land (road and railroad) transport because all types are sufficiently in place.
  • The region could benefit from the potential completion of the Hemus motorway as planned.
  • The only bridge over the Bulgarian section of the Danube River is located in this region, connecting Bulgaria with neighbouring Romania, the CIS countries, the Middle and Far East, and Asia as a whole.
  • Ruse has the potential for cooperation with Giurgiu within the relevant European region with major transnational implications.
  • The great number of individual and clustered immovable cultural assets and natural assets create the potential for cultural, environmental, agricultural, adventure, wine, and religion-related tourism.
  • The river Danube has solid potential for transportation and energy generation and is an important aquatic resource for the economic development of the region.



Transport corridors: 

  • European transport corridor 7 (the waterway connecting the rivers Rhine, Main and Danube starting at Rotterdam and ending in Sulina)
  • Corridor 9 connecting Northern, Central and Southern Europe to the Aegean Sea run across this region
  • Well-developed railroads - the existing operational railways in the region run for a total of 631 km, representing 15.40% of the railroad network of the country
  • Water transport is represented by the international port of Ruse and the ports of Svishtov, Tutrakan, and Silistra. The Danube Strategy identifies the upgrade of the Ruse port with a brand new intermodal terminal and further development of Bulgaria’s biggest passenger terminal on a river as a priority for the country
  • Air transport is represented by the Gorna Oryahovitsa International Airport and the airport of Shtraklevo in the vicinity of Ruse. Future plans for the airport at Shtraklevo are to upgrade it to a national civilian airport. An influential factor for the air transport of the North Central Region will be the airport that is to be built about 30 kilometres from Giurgiu.


The educational system and the network of educational establishments located in the North Central region are fairly developed. In 2008, there were 352 educational establishments, which bring the region closer to the national average in terms of availability of educational services. This region has five universities and specialized schools of higher learning. The region has enough secondary vocational schools and colleges, which help produce highly qualified workforce for the industrial and services sector and for an up-to-date agricultural sector.

  • Ruse University “Angel Kantchev” - there are eight faculties in the structure of the University: Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Automation, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Health and Healthcare, two Branches of Ruse University in Silistra and Razgrad and a Bulgarian and Romanian Inter-university Europa Centre.


Cultural heritage: UNESCO’s World Heritage List such as the Ivanovo Rock-hewn Churches


Cultural Events: Theatre Harbour on the Big River Festival in Ruse

Free Zone Ruse



  • 800 m to the East of Danube Bridge connecting Bulgaria and Romania
  • Right next to Port Ruse – the biggest river port in Bulgaria
  • Junction of Pan-European Transport Corridors № VII and № IX


Total area: 370 235 m²

  • Built-up area: 30 000 m²
  • Open-air warehouses: 20 000 m²



  • Well-developed road network
  • Electricity
  • Gasification
  • Water and sewerage




  • Open-air and indoor industrial and warehousing premises for rent and storage of goods
  • Customs warehouse storage, customs representation and assistance with customs documents
  • Re-issuing and attestation of Certificates of Origin, reloading operations
  • Need-based consultations
  • 24-hour professional security services


Административна сграда - Свободна зона Русе

Складови пространства












  • Zone A – Production facilities for rent with total area up to 6953 sq. m
  • Zone B – Open area for industrial purposes, 5 000 to 10 000 sq. m
  • Zone C – 440 000 sq. m agricultural land for lease


Подзони по предназначение



Free Zone Ruse

Bulgaria, 7003 Rousse

71 Tutrakan Blvd., PO Box 107

tel.: +359 82 831111, +359 82 831113

fax: +359 82 831112

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